The Focus Training Group is an established group offering quality training to anyone who wishes to improve their skills, qualifications and future career prospects. We offer flexible and professional training at reasonable prices. The group comprises of 4 different offerings, each dedicated to service a range of industries and job roles, offering training and also employment opportunities.

Our Group Details

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Focusing on your Future logo

Focusing on your Future

Apprenticeships and commercial training in Retail, Hospitality, Care, Sales, Warehousing, Business Administration, Management, Team Leading and Customer Service. Focus also offers, Traineeships and themed courses for the Unemployed in these sectors.

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Specialists in Electrical Training logo

Specialists in Electrical Training

Specialise in electrical training and were set up by the electrical industry with excellent industry links. Therefore the DCET course offer is designed to meet the needs and demands of the industry.

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Quality Forestry & Arb Training logo

Quality Forestry & Arb Training

Arb, being short for arboriculture, this is the group's tree specialist, so anything to do with trees and forestry management, these are the people to talk to.

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Approved Gas Training and Assessment Centre logo

Approved Gas Training and Assessment Centre

Specialists in all things Gas, Oil, Renewables and Plumbing, similar to from a full Apprenticeship to short and bespoke courses to meet the industries needs including mandatory compliance assessments and tickets.

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All About Subcontracting

Supply-Chain Fees and Charges Policy (Subcontracting Policy)

Focus Training (SW) Ltd. will enter into a Sub-Contract arrangement where we have a demand for training that we cannot immediately meet either, because of volume, or because it is a specialist training need we feel can be better delivered by a sub-contractor, or where we feel it will be of benefit to the Learner or Employer for reasons of speciality or geography.

All Sub-Contractors will be closely monitored to ensure financial prudence and quality of delivery. Our Operations and Internal Quality Manager will meet with all Sub-Contractors on a monthly basis to discuss any quality issues and their data will be scrutinised at our monthly data meeting and any findings fed back by our Operations Manager to the Sub-Contractor.

In addition to this our Office Manager will check all documents to ensure funding rules are being adhered to and Sub-Contractors will be invited to attend our monthly team meeting to ensure they are kept up to date with changes and quality issues. For these services Focus Training (SW) Ltd. will charge all Sub-Contractors 20% of the income received from the funding body.

In return for this fee each Sub-Contractor will receive a monthly quality check and support meeting, individual support via phone or email from the MD of Focus Training (SW) Ltd. and be invited to attend all training and support meetings at no extra charge. Focus Training (SW) Ltd. will enter all paper work related to any claim onto its system and deal with any errors, Focus Training (SW) Ltd. will process all information to enable money to be claimed from the funding agency in a timely manner. Payments will be made to Sub-Contractors based on a year to date balance, monthly.

This will be paid to each Sub-Contractor within 10 days of the money being received from the funding agency into Focus Training (SW) Ltd.'s bank account (usually around the 20th of the month following the month of the claim). This assumes an invoice has been received from the Sub-Contractor. This policy will be discussed with each Sub-Contractor prior to the signing of a Sub- Contract Agreement, it will also be published on our web site annually or each time it is updated, whichever is the most frequent.

This policy will be reviewed annually or where we feel changes are needed in any contract year because of changing circumstances. Any changes in a year will not affect current SubContractors to their detriment as far as the service they receive or the percentage we retain, unless this is due to a change in rules by the funding body in relation to their current contract.

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