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11 Feb 2021

Apprentice Employer Incentive Claim

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When your learner started you set up a government digital apprenticeship service (DAS) account to enable you to claim the additional incentive payment that the government promised employers that were:

  • new to your organisation
  • started their contract of employment and their apprenticeship with you between 1 August 2020 and 31 March 2021

You only have until end the end of April to claim your incentive payment and if you have not claimed it through your DAS account by the end of April you will lose the payment.

Payments you will receive depends on the age of your learner and are set out below:

  • 16 to 24, £2,000 (£1000 paid after the first 3 months and £1000 paid after 12 months).
  • 25 and over, £1,500 (£750 paid after the first 3 months and £750 paid after 12 months).

Please note this payment will be paid direct to you from the government and not from The Focus Training Group, any payment that you may receive from us for taken on a 16-18 apprentice is in addition to the above.

How to apply:

Log in to your DAS account https://accounts.manage-apprenticeships.service.gov.uk/service/index?utm_source=ma&utm_medium=lp&utm_campaign=AS-072020-Apprentice-Incentives2&esfa_tok=251751 and click on ‘Sign In’. From you home page you will need to click on the below tab and complete the details as requested.

If you require any help please see below a video link on how to apply for the incentive.


Alternatively you can call the helpline on 08000 150600 or email helpdesk@manage-apprenticeships.service.gov.uk.

If you could let us know when you have applied for the incentive that will be greatly appreciated.

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