This course is designed for engineers to gain experience of diagnosing and rectifying common faults. It enhances the skills and knowledge required to maintain and repair modern high efficiency gas boilers including combination boilers, and focuses mainly on the common faults associated with all types of gas boilers that can cause a breakdown.

The Boiler Fault Finding part of the course covers the use of a mains tester and how to use a multi meter correctly which is used for Boiler Fault Finding.

Who is this course aimed at?

Heating engineers looking to improve experience in fault finding and looking to improve their basic understanding of Y and S plan systems.


Candidates need to have previously completed CCN1 and CENWAT.

Please note that proof of previous qualifications is required to confirm your booking. Please click below to upload and send your certification onto a member of our team to verify.


What topics will it cover?

Sequence of operations

Installation best practice

Common components used

Component and electrical circuits

Mechanical and electrical fault finding processes

Resistance checks of components

Typical domestic circuits

Earthing and earth continuity

Safety requirements when working on electricity

Circuit protection instrumentation

Materials and fixings

Safe Isolation

Y & S Plan wiring

How long will the course take?


This is a two day course.

Is there an exam?

A multiple choice question paper.

What books will I need?

Course materials supplied.

How much will it cost?

£348+VAT Per Person including training, assessment and certification fee.

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