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This course covers basic tree climbing and aerial rescue techniques using a rope and harness. This is a very physically demanding course which requires a head for heights.

What topics will it cover?

We will look at the legislation surrounding tree work, tree work equipment, and what our responsibilities are under that legislation. Starting with equipment identification and inspection and then moving on to tree access using throwing techniques and ancillary equipment. You will then cover anchor point positioning, and branch walking.

It is important that, as an arborist, we are able to access trees safely, and are able to climb to the points on the tree required by the job at hand. Learning how to position primary and secondary anchor points is of prime importance to this. Once you have mastered the basics of climbing and branch walking, we will then introduce the concept of aerial rescue.

As we work in such a high risk industry, timely and appropriate rescue and first aid techniques are very important. We will show you how to recover casualties from the crowns of trees and poles, using a variety of techniques to ensure that the casualty is recovered as quickly and safely as possible. We also cover the emergency protocols to follow, and the legal process of accident reporting and risk assessment.

How long will the course take?


Five days training plus one day independent assessment.

Is there an exam?

There is an assessment carried out by an independent assessor, which will be taken on a separate day from the training course.

Future progression

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How much will it cost?

£550+VAT per person

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