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This is an advanced course aimed at providing the trained operator with the knowledge and skills to be able to prune trees to a given standard. We recommend that people taking this course have good experience of arboricultural techniques, and have served time within the industry.

What topics will it cover?

Trees require pruning for various reasons. Perhaps they are interfering with infrastructure, power lines, or phone lines, or maybe they are obscuring the view down a highway. Whatever action is required, it needs to be carried out to the right standard.

Especially when working on protected trees, it is vital that the procedures are carried out to British Standards. We will discuss the pros and cons of the various techniques in this context, and the repercussions if we do not get it right. This can include prosecution in the worst cases.

We will learn the various techniques that can be recommended in tree work including crown lifting, crown cleaning, crown thinning, and crown reduction, why and when we should use them, and how.

How long will the course take?


Three days including integrated assessment.

Is there an exam?

There is an integrated assessment carried out during the course by an instructor/ assessor.


Chainsaw Maintenance and Cross Cutting, Felling Trees up to 380mm, Climb Trees and Perform Aerial Rescue, and Aerial Cutting of Trees Using a Chainsaw.

How much will it cost?

£400+VAT per person

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